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BHS Drama juniors Vincent Ruprecht, Eissa Sukar, Murolo Patchin, and Rodney Kubin, sophomore Jordan Slager, junior Hailey Mouw, sophomore Emilly Collison, and senior Ethan Walter give an engaging performance to elementary schoolers during Read Across America Day.

[Photo] Read Across America

Bella Stone, Staff Reporter
March 19, 2024
Engilsh teacher Rosemary Gilbert and seniors Karla Cisneros, Hailey Farmer, and Stephen Rogers proudly stand with their display of baked goods.

[Photo] Bake Sale Story

Matt Firouzi, Staff Reporter
April 1, 2024
BHS baseball player Cory Kent and fellow junior Makynna Freund are hoping their promposal scores a home run in the competition.

[Photo] Promposals = free tix!

Addie Gerber, Editor-in-Chief
April 1, 2024
Students fill the dance floor at Saturday’s King of Hearts dance, which featured cold sparks special effects to mimic a pyrotechnic display in keeping with the “Night under a 1,000 Lights” theme.

[Photo] KOH Review

Bella Stone, Staff Reporter
February 9, 2024
Boys team captain Douglas Bui, a senior shoots to the finish with breast stroke.

[Photo] Swim Update (3/31/23)

Sarah Quick, Photo Editor
April 3, 2023
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