Cross Country wins League Finals; Track and Field beats Serrano


Contributed Photo

Top 10 finishers and coaches at League Finals.

ZJ Hoffmann, Photo Editor

The Burroughs Boys Cross Country  Team won their first ever league meet on March 24 at the Victor Valley Community College. The Girls Team also had an outstanding race and placed third in the competition. The top ten finishers on both the boys and girls teams were Bryce Hill (1st), Yaseen Sardar (3rd), Ben Washburn (4th), Andrew Mower (6th), ZJ Hoffmann (7th), Leah Tomlinson (2nd), and Lydia Washburn (6th).

“The boys easily won every meet including the league finals finishing first,” said coach Anthony Barnes, the head coach of the Cross Country team. “The girls placed third and ran well despite having only 7 runners on the team this season.”

The team has been consistently training since the fall of September 2020. However, they took several breaks during the winter season when a couple of runners tested positive for COVID-19. This did not stop the team from achieving their goal and winning the league meet.

Each cross country meet was a dual meet against another school in the league. The teams decided to have all the runners from the schools race together in the last meet at League Finals. The meets took place, in order, Hesperia, Oak Hills (home meet), Apple Valley, Serrano (home meet), and League Finals.

“I was very happy that we won, how I did, and where I placed,” said junior Andrew Mower. “The only thing I wish would have been better was time. I was hoping for a faster time.”

Many runners on the cross country team are now competing in distance track. The track and field team had their first meet on April 19 and secured another victory as a good start for their season.

“In a year like this, you have to expect anything,” said head coach Tony Martin of the Track and Field Team. “Serrano has a great track and field program and for us to get a win with a short season really shows how hard our athletes and coaching staff has worked.”

The next meet will be a home meet on May 3 against Hesperia at Cerro Coso Community College, but spectators will be limited to immediate family members. In the same week, on May 7, the team will be competing at Sultana. The scheduled upcoming meets are at Oak Hills on May 10, Apple Valley (home meet) on May 17, and League Finals on May 22.