Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! Cinderella the Musical is on its way

Amelia McCollister, Staff reporter

The Burroughs High School Drama and Music Departments are eager to put on “Cinderella,” a musical made possible by Drama Teacher Eileen Poole and Orchestra Teacher Amber Petersen.
Deciding on this theme required some planning in advance.

“Last spring, Mrs. Petersen, Mr. Cosner, and I had coffee and discussed musicals, focusing on the best one for us at this time,” said Poole. “We all agreed on Cinderella.”
Auditions started only weeks before Christmas break and the group has been working hard during rehearsals. The rehearsals are split up into different categories because Cinderella has both dancing, singing and acting.

Senior Kayla Walters plays the role of Cinderella this year.

“There were so many talented people auditioning for the role,” said Walters. “I have to admit, I really had doubts I was going to get it. During the whole audition process, I had to come to terms that there was a big chance that I wouldn’t get the role.”

Many others expressed the same nerves and doubts. Senior Citlali Tellez plays the Fairy Godmother,  providing the young heroine with magical aid.
“It was a honor to have this role,” said Tellez. Senior Alexander Vargas plays Prince Charming for the musical.

“I’m always happy to be in a musical because being involved in a production like Cinderella with all your friends is amazing, and because of that I was excited to get the role of the prince,” Vargas said. “The thing I was worried about was how big a commitment Cinderella would be, but I realized how valuable one last musical to end high school would be for me.”

Rehearsals are now underway for the March production.

“I’m excited about this production because not only does everyone love a musical, but it’s also a chance for many BHS students to share their talents, and we have a lot of talented kids,” said Poole. “The singing and dancing is already impressive, and our rehearsals are going well.”

The showing of Cinderella will be a mix of both the classical songs with a modern twist for the audience to enjoy. Showings will be March 10-11 and 17-18 at the Burroughs High School theater. On the second and final Saturday the play is for kids, and they will be encouraged to dress up as a fairy-tale prince or princess. Cinderella-themed treats will be for sale and audience members will be allowed to take selfies with the cast after the performance, so set your dates on your calendars and come down to the Burroughs high-school theater to enjoy “Cinderella the Musical” in March!