Cast list announced for fall play


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“Twelve Angry Jurors” is excited to continue rehearsals on stage.

Following two days of auditions, Burroughs Drama Advisor Eileen Poole has announced the cast list for this fall’s production of “Twelve Angry Jurors.”

Cast members include Annika Houck, Marina Milner, Laura Dickey, Natalie Workman, Briona Stewart, Joshua Rivera, Elaine Stewart, Deanna Belt, Charlie Callaway, Ada Aston, Bruce Basco, Kayden Roark, Citlali Tellez, Moazzma Chaudhary, and Dystiny Patrick. Isabel Benson will serve as understudy, and Grace Lormand will be the assistant director.

Poole said she was thrilled with the auditions.

“I’ve been at BHS long enough to know we have talented kids, but to see them for myself, to watch them perform in front of me while they were nervous and saying lines they’d never seen before was absolutely phenomenal,” said Poole. “The kids were enthusiastic and funny and incredibly supportive of each other; they really wanted everyone to do well, even as they were competing with each other.”

The only downside?  Having to make tough decisions.

“I couldn’t cast all of them, which was tough,” said Poole, “but y’all are going to see a heck of a play in November.”

Senior Annika Houck is excited for rehearsals to start.

“My friend convinced me to try out for the play since this year is our last chance to participate in long-standing BHS traditions like the play,” said Houck. “I’ll admit it is outside my comfort zone, but I had so much fun auditioning that I can’t wait to experience a Burroughs production as a cast member. Seeing the plays and musicals prior to the earthquakes and quarantine were a highlight of my year.”

Rehearsals begin Monday. Performance dates are scheduled for Nov. 5-6 and 12-13.