College Connection – Nicolas Baca

The Blockbuster loves to hear from Burroughs grads to check on their life after high school. Here we catch up with 2021 graduate Nicolas Baca, who is studying General Science and Science and Math at Cerro Coso Community College, Ridgecrest.


Contributed photo

Burroughs graduate Nicolas Baca stands in front of the Cerro Coso Community College sign.

Addie Gerber

How is college different from high school? 

It is a lot of self-motivation and teaching yourself. I feel in high school teachers were there to help and guide us and make sure we stayed on track to graduate, but in college, some professors’ policies say they will let you go a few weeks without turning in your assignments and drop you from the course for non-participation.

What is something to look forward to in college?

Although the structure is very different from high school, I also think it is one thing to look forward to. Being able to choose when and what classes to take is very exciting.

What is the most difficult part of college?

The most difficult part of college is being able to stay on track with all the classes needed to graduate while also taking classes towards what you want to do when you are older. It is a lot to commit to and personally for me a lot of pressure.