Social media app wants to influence users to Be Real


Contributed Photo

Senior Olivia Haas takes a quick selfie with her English class (left inset), while the larger picture captures the moment as a whole.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Editor-in-Chief

While it has become routine for many people to spend hours taking the perfect selfie for social media, BeReal — an app that promotes authenticity — is causing some students to look at social media and themselves in a different way.
Marketed as an antidote for overly-curated and filtered social media, BeReal first launched in 2020 but gained popularity this summer.
Users receive a notification at a random time once a day saying ‘Time to BeReal.’ This opens up a two-minute window for students to post a front and back picture of what they are currently doing.
Junior Mika Brie enjoys using BeReal compared to other apps.
“BeReal makes people less insecure because it shows that everyone has a normal life and sometimes just likes to lie in bed, watch movies, or hang out with their family,” said Brie.  “Personally, it makes me feel better seeing others doing the same things that I do!”
Many describe BeReal as the “casual” version of Instagram, as people get to share what’s going on in their lives, without all the filters and perfect lighting.  This in turn could help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that may result from social media usage.
Freshman Lilah O’Grady appreciates the time limit imposed on taking pictures.
“There isn’t much time to try and get ready just to take it or time to prepare for it; therefore, people just show what they look like at that moment.”
Along with posting a BeReal, friends are able to react to other BeReals with features called “Realmojis,” a live picture of them reacting to hype up their friends.  Senior Ezra Tate is a fan of the feature.
“Whenever my friend has something cool in the background of their photo, I get to react with a live photo of me looking surprised,” said Tate. “It’s also fun how we can react along with an emoji to clarify our reaction.”
Some students complain about BeReal’s lag due to everyone posting at the same time; however, the feature of it being free with no ads makes it many students’ favorite.
Senior Kai Riddle considers it one of her top five apps.
“I believe the app could definitely help people be more comfortable and at the same time, have fun sharing what they’re doing,” said Riddle.
BeReal only allows students to see others’ photos if they post their own, which encourages all to participate.
BeReal time during class? No worries. Students are able to post late BeReals before another one comes the next day, so the app has a lot of flexibility for students who are away from their phones when the notification appears.