Don’t miss out on Virtual Races!


Completing the RunDisney virtual race series will earn you four themed medals, a trading pin unique to the theme of the races, and a finisher certificate. It is one of many virtual races available!

Running is a fundamental sport. It’s easy to pick up, you don’t need any equipment (except for a pair of running shoes), and you can do it virtually anywhere. However, when the sound of feet hitting the pavement becomes a little too monotonous, what can you do to switch it up? Join a race, of course!

Joining a race is a great way to immerse yourself in an exciting event. You get to challenge yourself, switch up your routes, and run alongside people who enjoy the sport. Many races often support some sort of charity, so your participation can contribute to a good cause. However, living in a place like Ridgecrest can make it difficult to find local races, forcing you to look elsewhere. Going out of town for a race is challenging for most. You have to factor in travel time, room and board, and limit yourself to racing only on certain days. The cost raises substantially, and sometimes makes the race unattainable. Virtual races are a great way to race while also keeping your schedule.

Virtual races are just like normal races, except you do it independently, and in any location you please. After signing up, you are given a date to complete the race by. All you have to do is run and submit your time!

Virtual races come with a lot of perks. First, you aren’t restricted to a specific date. You can run the race at 5 a.m. on a Tuesday morning, or 3 p.m. on a Saturday if it works for you. You can beat the early wake up times of a race day, and can manipulate it to fit your schedule. Secondly, if you are going for a specific time, you can map your own route and know exactly what to expect. Additionally, if you are a beginning runner or struggle with pacing, virtual races can help you avoid the urge to run as fast as everybody else, and burn out halfway through.

There is something for everyone when signing up for a virtual race. Do you want to run for a cause? Do you want a themed race? How far do you want to run? Virtual races allow you to find exactly what you want, and do it from the comfort of a familiar area.

For the Disney fanatics, a race by RunDisney could be a good fit. They run their virtual running series (3 5k runs to be completed between June 1 and August 31) is an annual summer occurrence. A payment of $40 dollars for one race will get you a high-quality, themed medal, a playlist of Disney music, and printable finisher certificates. If you wish to complete all three, prepare to spend around $145. With that higher price, you will get 4 medals total, a special Disney trading pin, and finisher certificates themed around each race. The RunDisney races are a great option for families looking to get active together, or for someone wanting to incorporate a little more magic into their workout routine! I have personally done these virtual races for three years in a row, and have found them to be one of my favorite summer traditions.

If you are looking to support a charity, visiting GoneForARun will provide you with a plethora of virtual races that support a multitude of different organizations. From Halloween runs supporting veterans to distance challenges supporting Make-A-Wish, you will likely find a charity you want to support. Normal virtual races that are not affiliated with Disney are often significantly cheaper, costing around $25, with the price often including a medal, finisher certificate, and playlist. A t-shirt is sometimes included, which is great for showing off the challenges you completed! Some races come with an incentive that offers more prizes, such as mugs, hats, etc. if you raise a certain amount of money.

Themed virtual runs are a great way to celebrate a holiday. Oftentime, various Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas runs are available as the holidays near. The medals are fun and creative. Plus, you have an opportunity to spice up your running gear! Whether you wear candy cane striped socks or running shorts with jack-o-lanterns, holiday virtual races allow for you to embrace the spirit of the season, and get a little more creative.

If you can’t decide what you want in a virtual race, a simple Google search for “virtual races” will yield endless results!

Whether you are an experienced runner, or a speed walker; part of a group, or going solo, virtual races provide a fun, flexible, and affordable way to participate in the fun of a race in the comfort of familiar surroundings. So, without further ado, go out and run!