Prom 2023 offers non-stop fun and “Endless Serenity”


BHS Prom-goers brought their energy to the dance floor under the stars at Cerro Coso.

Emma Kimbler, Editor-In-Chief

Saturday night’s Prom 2023 was a huge success and truly a magical night for the Burroughs students who attended.

Students gathered in the Cerro Coso courtyard and enjoyed the music, photo booths, and refreshments.

In addition to the roomy dance floor, the outdoor venue provided multiple seating areas and vantage points from which to enjoy the atmosphere. Fairy lights, cherry blossoms, balloons and candles added to the “Endless Serenity” prom theme, while an entertaining DJ and colorful lights kept the excitement up on the dance floor.

The dance was well attended, with 447 tickets sold in advance. Instrumental to the event’s success were the ASB junior class officers who planned it.

ASB Junior Class President Breeann Luevano was pleased with how the evening turned out.

“The main thing we had to do in order to make Prom happen was have meetings at Cerro Coso and get lots of decorations together,” Luevano said. “It took around four months to completely plan this year’s Prom. I hope next year’s juniors are able to plan an even better Prom than ours and that it continues to get better and better!”

After all dance attendees arrived and placed their votes, ASB was ready to announce this year’s Prom king and queen. With much anticipation in the air, seniors Kailer Bachman and Citlali Tellez were pronounced the winners.

“When I heard my name announced as this year’s Prom King, I was very surprised but excited to be honored in this way,” Bachman said. “Even with all the excitement of winning Prom King, however, being able to hang out with all of my friends was by far my favorite part of this year’s Prom.”

Tellez had a similar reaction when she heard her name.

“Being crowned Prom Queen means that there are so many people who want to see me be successful and thrive, and it was a reminder that I have a lot of people who care for me,” Tellez said. “I think my favorite part of Prom was everything that came beforehand, such as getting up at 8 to start my day, getting ready for Prom, doing my hair and makeup, taking professional pictures with my friends, and having dinner with all the people who I care about.”

To Bachman, Tellez, and the rest of the 2023 Prom Court, this is certainly a night for the scrapbooks.

As the school year winds to a close, the school owes a huge thank you to the junior class ASB officers and ASB Advisor Laura Larson for making this night one to remember.