Students have a ball at annual Dodgeball tournament


Sarah Quick

Junior Evan Shine and seniors Dylan Hagewood and Conner Auld from the winning team “The Purple Cobras,” watch their opponents and swiftly dodge their hits.

Julia Hechanova, Staff Reporter

This past Friday, Burroughs freshman ASB officers hosted the annual spring dodgeball tournament. Students from all grade levels showed up to show their support and watch the teams compete in the thrilling yet rigorous games.
Students banded together to form teams with creative and fun names that were presented on their t-shirts. The entertaining atmosphere created an exciting experience for those students participating and those in the audience.
Sophomore Ethan Kleinman-Sishc, a member of “The Droppers” team, was optimistic that his team would be successful in the tournament.
“We put together our team with the goal of winning, of course,” said Kleinman-Sishc.
It soon became obvious which teams just came to have a good time and which teams were committed to claiming dodgeball victory. Near the end of the tournament, three dedicated teams were left standing: the Purple Cobras, the Swifties, and the JV Bandits. Unfortunately, the JV Bandits took a close loss, which left the championship round up to the Cobras and the Swifties.
Ultimately, the Cobras swept the win and took home the dodgeball championship prize. The Cobras, consisting of captain Evan Shine, Matt Yoder, Dylan Hagewood, Conner Auld, and Tyler Mather, were proud that their hard work paid off.
“I would say that the tournament was a fun experience,” Auld said. “It made it especially fun because I could say we were the best team there.”
It was not only an exciting event for participants, but also for those who watched from the stands. Having to dodge the balls being thrown into the crowd kept the audience on their toes. Still, students were able to show their support from afar while things got heated on the playing field.
Sophomore Cate Quackenbush watched the tournament from the stands and was pleased with her decision to attend the event.
“It’s always fun to see everyone’s competitive side come out during these types of events,” Quackenbush said.
Whether you’re an audience member or on the court playing the game, the dodgeball tournaments are always a huge success! Junior ASB officer Jamie Haas said that the tournament has always received overwhelming support and enjoyment, and encourages teams to join in the fun next year.
“Don’t be shy to participate,” said Haas. “I guarantee you will enjoy some part of it!”
Stay tuned for more end-of-the year ASB activities.