Great Outdoors Prepares for Competition Weeks

Brodey Zade, Staff Reporter

The BHS Trap Shooting Team, facilitated by the Great Outdoors Club, is now preparing to compete and begin sending in scores. This team is very excited for the opportunity to compete in the near future.

Freshman Ryan Smith believes that he has progressed immensely over the past few weeks in the club. Smith is ready to begin competing and see his hard work pay off.

“I still need a bit of work, but I’m getting there,” Smith said. “I have really seen improvement recently.”

Freshman Elijah Diaz additionally feels that his accuracy has improved after working on his shot.

“I feel I have progressed exponentially in the number of targets I’m hitting,” Diaz said. “Prepping for competitions, I clear my head and go over the basics of for example: hold points, footing, safety, etc. I will be practicing hopefully at home with an at-home shotgun or rifle (for following through) and I will watch other trap shooters play and visit the range when I get the chance.”

The team, now down to about seven people, is full of people locked in for commitment. Each student is set on making improvements and competing in the near future.

Coach Isaac Graham is proud of the team and how far they have come in such a short amount of time.

“We had very few student-athletes that had even shot a shotgun prior to this season and largely the team that started practice on Feb 8 is the same that is making it to actual competition this week,” Graham said. “If you listen to a lot of the coaches that have been around trap shooting for a long time, this team is motivated and developing very rapidly.”

Graham believes that the team has a lot of potential for future competitions.

“I think we achieved the first goal we had of getting a team set up and successfully making it to the season,” Graham said. “Our second goal for this year is to complete the season and win our conference.”

Members of the Great Outdoors Club are set on competing and returning to the range next year. We wish them the best in their endeavors!