Multicultural Club has a Bake Sale!

On Saturday, February 11, The Multicultural Club had their first fundraiser! With the pressure of being a new club on campus, the club felt the need to get some savings into the account to fund future events. 

The Bakesale was a major success, raising over $700. Everything from cookies to cakepops were sold and all were priced by donation. Out in the community for 4 hours, the club sure made it worth while. 

Julia Hechanova, president of the The Multicultural Club, said this about the fundraising: “This money will be the club’s stepping stone in establishing further activities as we move forward”Eva Luther, a sophomore attendee of the club, agrees. “The money raised for the club will go to a good cause and keep the club alive and thriving!” 

The money raised will go towards the trip planned at the end of the year; a club trip to the Chavez Museum! Details are still pending. If you are a Burroughs student interested in joining Multicultural Club, meet us in K-5 every other friday.