Cupid Grams are back!


Sophia Pendergast

Archery Club members Ethan Nutter and Addie Gerber display the new Cupid Gram design!

Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

Need an affordable way to show your love for someone this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! After a successful 2022 sale, the Archery club has decided to bring back their Cupid Grams…this time, with a new and improved look! 

As they continue to fundraise for equipment, members hope that this fundraiser will be even more successful than their prior 2022 sale, where they sold approximately 100 Cupid Grams. 

I’m hoping it will put a good dent in our funding,” says senior Ethan Nutter. 

While the fundraiser will help support the Archery club in their goal to raise money for equipment, totaling nearly $3600, sales are not the only goal members are hoping to achieve. 

“I’m hoping,” says Nutter. “In the process [of selling], we can make people’s day.” 

As archers hope to spread love and happiness through their fundraiser, they have decided to make some design changes to their product. In 2022, those who purchased Cupid Grams were given a simple, square paper card to write a message in, which was later delivered to the desired recipients by archery club members. This year, the design is more festive. Purchasers will write their message on a small, heart adorned postcard, which will then be placed in a heart-shaped pocket alongside a piece of candy. On Valentine’s Day itself, Archery Club members will deliver the cards to the recipients that the purchasers choose! 

“I am most excited about the new design of the Cupid Grams!” says Archery club president Addie Gerber. “I think people will love the small heart pockets and the smarties that come with them.”

Those who purchase a Cupid Gram are able to decide if they want to sign their name, or leave it anonymous, adding mystery and excitement as people try to figure out who bought the card for them. 

“I think [the grams] are so cute and definitely perfect to give to your friends and loved ones for Valentine’s Day!” says Gerber. 

The fundraiser has also been a team building opportunity for Archery Club members. The more intricate design meant spending multiple lunch breaks together cutting and gluing the grams in preparation to sell! 

“[The members] are all so nice and hard-working,” says Gerber. “I really appreciate their hard work and commitment to the club.”

If you are looking for a way to show someone you care, make sure to buy a Cupid Gram this year! For only $1, you could bring a smile to someone’s face, and make their Valentine’s Day a little more festive! 

Cupid Grams will be sold at lunch in front of D-Hall from February 6-10.