AI-Art: Is it real art or simply artificial?


Lisha Bryant

Lisha Bryant’s brightly realized version of “a burro delivering newspapers on a bicycle.” How do you think it compares to the AI generated art in the next slide?

Sarah Quick, Photo Editor

As artificial intelligence improves every day, we are running into new apps and systems to help with everyday tasks, but is AI art taking it too far? Is it actually even art?

Recently, advancements in AI art programs have evolved drastically. Now, you can give it a prompt and the AI will create an art piece for you. This brings up the question: where is it getting the art from?

The AI gathers information from across the internet and compiles it. With that information, it creates — or computes — its artwork.

Some people argue that this is borderline pushing artists’ intellectual rights.

By stealing part of an artist’s style, AI is stealing what is special and unique about those artists’ masterpieces.
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