TikTok should not be banned because it provides a sense of community and positivity

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

Have you been keeping up with the TikTok controversy going on over the past few weeks? People are arguing that TikTok should be banned from the United States, as it is supposedly giving away information about our country to the owner of TikTok: China. However, it is really not worth the trouble to ban an app that has made such a great impact on our society.

Many fail to recognize the positive effects that TikTok has brought upon the United States. With over 1 billion monthly users, TikTok is being used by children, teenagers, and adults in our country every day.

It is one of the largest and most popular ways to spread ideas. Whether it is advertising one’s newly released music or educating the viewers on a world issue, TikTok is an extremely effective app for getting information out.

TikTok has additionally created a community, whether this was the intent of the app or not. Over the past seven years of TikTok’s existence, the amount of influencers on the internet has increased drastically. There are a significant number of individuals whose career is built upon posting on TikTok and other social media platforms. As these influencers gain view after view on their videos, they also gain an income to support their families.

TikTok has become an outlet for users to share creativity, support, and laughs. As our society continues to create new technologies, it becomes easier to create and maintain relationships via social media. TikTok has become a place where people can come together and find common interests.

It is truly amazing what TikTok has done for our society, specifically since Covid-19 hit. As people were isolated in their homes and unable to visit friends, TikTok’s popularity began to spike. People began to feel less alone as they connected with others through this video-based app.

TikTok deserves to remain a part of our lives. This simple yet creative app has brought together millions of people in a way we could have never imagined fifty years ago. It is clear that the pros of TikTok outweigh the cons.