New year, new theme? FCA announces big change in upcoming meetings

Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

The new year is bringing exciting new changes to FCA!

On Jan. 11, their first meeting of 2023, FCA leaders announced their new theme for the year: “Greater.” The theme will be the focus of FCA meetings this upcoming year.
“The theme…will lead us into discussions on how to discover our greater potential in sport and in life,” says FCA staff Brooke Cope.

The overall purpose of Greater in 2023 is to encourage members to take a deeper look at their athletic career through a more faith-focused lens, and discover a personal identity beyond their sport.
While the introduction of Greater will bring new discussions and ideas to members, it also brings new opportunities to student leaders.

“I am looking forward to watching the student leaders grow and share this theme,” says Cope.

Greater will present leaders with the fun challenge of incorporating the theme’s message into each of their meetings.

“The sky is the limit with this theme,” says Cope. “To watch [the leaders]  become creative and share with their peers is going to be amazing.”

The shift in theme marks the end of 2022’s “Every,” suggesting new activities will be making their way into future meetings!  The new theme will provide members with a new focus and point of view.

The new theme has been well-received by student members, with most looking forward to participating in the biweekly meetings.

“I’m looking forward to the pizza and activities this semester,” says sophomore Patrick Pillers.

The shift into the new theme is sure to bring lots of fun!

FCA meets every other Wednesday in room M-42.