Burroughs junior spends the day with the FBI

Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

The FBI is in Ridgecrest? 

On Friday, Nov. 18,  Burroughs junior Addie Gerber participated in the FBI Teen Academy. Run out of the Sacramento Field Office, Gerber was one of 42 students selected to attend. 

“I’m interested in law enforcement,” said Gerber. “I wanted to see how FBI agents do their jobs and how different departments deal with crimes.” 

The Sacramento field office is one of many around the United States to hold these sessions. Their goal: give students an inside look at the job. 

After a rigorous security check, which included handing over their phone, attendees were able to begin their day. During the nine-hour long academy, participants experienced a variety of different demonstrations, including a forensic science blood detection lab, and a mock bomb encounter. The day ended with a small graduation ceremony and class photo. 

“My favorite part [was] going over how an investigation works,” said Gerber. “We got to come up with ideas of what questions we would ask a victim of a scam.” 

The application process is challenging, but attainable. Applicants must fill out multiple documents, detailing GPA, club and community involvement, and general school information, all to be signed by a school official. They must also fill out a form of general personal information, including a signed permission slip. Finally, applicants must write a two-page essay detailing why they want to participate in the program, and what they will bring to their community after said academy. A low GPA does not automatically disqualify you from being selected; however, the program is competitive. 

Currently, there is no information about when the next FBI Teen Academy will be held, though it is a great opportunity to gain some insight into a potential career path. When the next session occurs, juniors and seniors will be eligible to apply. 

“I would definitely recommend Burroughs students to apply,” said Gerber. “It was so much fun and definitely worth it!” 

If you are interested in a career in the FBI or law enforcement, keep your eyes peeled for this amazing opportunity!