Culture Fest offers feast for the ears, eyes and stomach

Emaan Ahmad, Staff Reporter

On Friday, Nov. 4, Burroughs Orchestras, Stage Band, Concert Choir, and Madrigals performed for the second annual Culture Fest.  In addition, Holly Hodgson’s art students showcased their work, while April Bravo’s Restaurant Careers students offered delicious foods from across the globe.

The Symphonic Orchestra performed pieces from Irish, Hungarian, Spanish, and pop cultures in the BHS Multi-Use room. The Orchestra also performed pieces from Irish culture along with famous themes from film culture. Members from both orchestras enjoyed playing culturally different pieces and learning about the music from different cultures.

“I think it’s really important to expand on music pieces from other cultures and learn about how they influence modern-day music,” said Burroughs Concertmaster Lydia Washburn.

Pieces derived from American patriotic origins, traditional English songs, and old-timey American music were performed by the Burroughs Stage Band in the North Patio on the Burroughs campus.

Concert Choir and Madrigals sang pieces from the classical era, 16-century madrigals, pop culture, Appalachian folk music, and Spanish culture.

Freshman Kaydence Stewart, a Madrigals singer, spoke highly of the experience.

“It’s nice getting to look at new styles of music and learning about new cultures along with it,” said Stewart. “Each culture has new and exciting takes on creating music, and it’s important to appreciate a wide variety.”

Hodgson’s art classes presented their masks and surreal trees artwork in the Multi-use room. The audience enjoyed looking at the creative pieces as they listened to the music performed.

For dining, The audience was offered a taste of Mexico, Italy, and France made Bravo’s Restaurant Careers class.