Burroughs Robotics 10-15

The past Saturday the Burroughs VEX robotics team participated in their second competition of the season. Each of the three teams has spent the past four weeks rebuilding their robots from the ground up using knowledge and observations from the first competition. The 7422H senior team moved up into eleventh place out of twenty-five with their average points per round being 75. 

According to Logan Elwell, the current plan for the “H” team is to make some slight refinements to their current robot, while simultaneously designing a more advanced robot capable of shooting discs regardless of the robot’s position or heading. The team is also planning on building a new end-game expansion mechanism, as a recent rule change caused them to have to remove their previous design from the robot mid-competition.

The 7422B team had many hard fights as in some matches their assigned partners could not make it. As most of the team is composed of first-year robotics members, they have much to learn; “because of our ambitious design changes from the last competition, our driver was not able to get much practice in” says sophomore Rowen Nelson.

Overall the competition was an experience where all teams learned not only about rule changes, but valuable building and designing strategies to allow for better competition performance in the future.