Friends of Rachel invites students to join

Emaan Ahmad, Staff Reporter

The Friends of Rachel club is welcoming new students to join. The club meets every Thursday at the beginning of lunch in L36. 

Friends of Rachel focuses on spreading kindness and community service.

“Friends of Rachel is a club that easily welcomes anyone, regardless if you’re new to the club or don’t know many people in it,” said President Mahnoor Ahmad, a senior. “We plan our projects based on what the clubs votes for, to allow everyone to be excited for what’s coming up!”

For junior Shannon Kelly, the club’s treasurer,  the club’s appeal is its inclusive environment and the opportunity to help others.

“The club includes many different types of people who would like to participate in large and small acts of community service as well as fun events,” said Kelly. “Being able to work and become friends with many people has been a blessing to me. The club is always open to new members, even those who do not come at the beginning of the year. Overall, I enjoy the amount of service the club conducts. Seeing the smiles on recipients’ faces never fails to cheer me up after a long day.” 

The club holds many events throughout the year, such as bonding parties and potlucks, weekly kindness challenges, and a senior citizen prom at High Desert Haven.

Counselor Shari Rosenberg, the club’s advisor, has been with the club since its beginnings at Burroughs.

“Friends of Rachel’s goal is to spread kindness throughout Burroughs and the community,” said Rosenberg. “It is a fun way to get more involved, especially after post-pandemic.”

Friend of Rachel members walked together in the Parade of 1000 Flags on September 10, 2022. As is tradition, the club had lunch at Denny’s after the parade to encourage bonding and friendships within the group. Many members enjoyed the opportunity and look forward to another event like this.

Friends of Rachel is based on the life of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first student killed in the Columbine shooting in 1999. She made an effort to help others, stop bullying, and encourage all to perform acts of kindness and compassion. The club carries on her legacy by aiming to create an environment full of respect and care so that every student feels comfortable at Burroughs High School.