ASB Kickback brings friends together


Julia Hechanova

Students keep cool and have fun at the second annual Fall Kickback.

After a long first week of school,  on Friday, Aug. 12, the Burroughs ASB class hosted a lively event open to all Burroughs students to start the new school year. Students were able to relax and have fun with their friends at the second annual Kickback. 

“The purpose of the Kickback is just like a fun, low-key, low-stress, first activity where kids can come and hang out,” said ASB advisor Laura Larson. 

Various activities such as corn hole, yard pong, and spike ball allowed students to have fun and connect with their old and new friends while music played on the Burroughs field.  Students also had the opportunity to purchase snacks, drinks, and shave iced from Ridgecrest’s Shaved Ice Shack.  Although this year’s event cost $1 to enter, the turnout was comparable to last year’s.  With 450 students attending the Kickback, the event was a resounding success.

“I came to the Kickback to meet up with my friends,” said junior Princess Monica Monsalud. “Last year’s Kickback was definitely exciting. I think this year was too!”

For new freshmen, this event was a great way to kickstart high school.  

“The event was very different from other school events I’ve been to,” said BHS freshman Genevieve Welsh. “It was fun to meet new people, so I would definitely go again!”

Many of the juniors and seniors who attended participated in the corn hole and yard pong tournaments; others simply walked around and reconnected with friends they had not seen in a while. 

“I saw a lot of students from different age groups as well as different social circles and they all seemed to intermingle and have a great time,” said English Teacher Peter Marvin.