ASB strives to bring normalcy back


ZJ Hoffmann

Students may be gone, but ASB is still in action.

Nicholas Baca, Editor-in-Chief

It’s obviously a very different year, but one thing is still the same: the ASB class is determined to create a memorable year for students, whether we are in distance learning or on campus. 

“My goal as ASB president is to maintain the fun, interactive events that we would normally have in school,” said ASB President Celina Lavarreda.

It is unconventional, but ASB has worked to keep the beginning of the year spirit days, such as the classic “Aloha! My name is…” Students from all the grade levels managed to do all the spirit days ASB has given out, even starting on the first day of school, where students were asked to take a traditional first day of school photo from home. Other spirit days have included an “8-24”  Kobe Bryant tribute day and an “America” day on Sept. 11.  The next spirit day — “Quarantine Outfit Day” — is slated for Sept. 23. Students can show off whatever school-appropriate clothing has kept them comfortable while Zooming and staying put these last few months.

ASB has also decided to hold weekly challenges. This week was a monochrome fashion challenge, with participants requested to create and pose in a single-color or single-pattern outfit, take a picture, and DM the pictures to @burrosasb or email to Larson at [email protected] before fifth period on Friday.  Students may find their pictures reposted on the BHS Instagram.

The student leaders are hoping for strong participation. Fortunately, many students have managed to keep up the school spirit from a distance. Senior and ASB Vice President Emma Amster has always gone above and beyond for spirit days and she isn’t going to let the pandemic stop her now.

“I’m staying spirited by putting effort into dressing up for spirit days just like I did in school,” said Amster.

Amster’s dedication to the spirit days does not just stop there. Her hard work is shown in the ASB activities as the students try to keep a sense of normalcy.  One of ASB’s main concerns is making it a positive experience for the seniors as they finish up their last year of high school.

One person who is working hard on that task is Senior Class President Taylor Azzolino. She believes that if the seniors can keep up with the events and keep the year as routine as usual through the pandemic, they can still have a memorable year. 

“We are working hard to make sure the seniors enjoy their final year at Burroughs,” said Azzolino. “We are doing everything in our power to give everyone a fun year.” 

Participation and input from students may be more difficult now than in years past, but ASB Advisor Laura Larson has thought of a way to overcome that problem. 

Each ASB student emailed the students at Burroughs individually to check in on them and how they were adjusting to the change. A lot of students responded to the emails which included positive responses and ideas for how ASB could make the year more manageable.