2022 Student Art Show is a success


Annika Houck, Senior Editor

The Burroughs Art department has made its comeback this year with the 2022 Student Art Show after two years without the beloved showcase event. The art show was a much-anticipated annual event that took place every year until COVID-19 threw a wrench in the plans.
Last week, students worked together to transform Burroughs’ Multi-Use Room into an art gallery displaying the paintings, drawings, digital art, ceramics, and sculptures of any student with work to showcase.
“The student art show is the most important event for the Visual Art department,” said Painting and Drawing Teacher Holly Hodgson. “It is a chance to share with the community, friends, and family, and art lovers, all the student’s hard work, creativity, and artistic growth for this year. All the teachers and students look forward to it at the end of the year in May.”
While there was not as much work out as in previous years, the show was a big success and students were able to experience having their work on display for their peers and the community.
This year the show culminated with an afternoon reception, and parents and community members were invited to view the work and potentially purchase pieces from the artists.
“I think it is essential for artists to share their creativity, talent, and artistic skill with the world,” said Hodgson. “The process of creating and displaying art comes full circle in the art show. Artists need to know that everyone enjoys seeing art; it’s just no good putting your heart, mind, and soul into creating something and then hiding it in a closet!”
The event was an opportunity for students to pull old work out of storage and put it up for everyone to see and admire. As a bonus, students have the opportunity to sell their work to anyone interested and are able to put proceeds towards furthering their artistic careers.
“I’m so glad we did the show this year because it felt like a normal school year and it’s very celebratory of the artists and art and it’s inspiring,” said Hodgson. “What I love most about the art show is that it is a student-driven endeavor: the students create the art and set up the walls and tables and then figure out how best to display the work.”