Blacklight Dance set for Friday

Amna Chaudhry, Staff Reporter

For the first time in what seems like forever, the Burroughs Gym will be filled with music and dancing with the return this Friday of the usually-annual casual Blacklight dance.

This dance will be the school’s first one inside the gym after the COVID-19 mandates, and the ASB organizers are excited to have it on the calendar.

“The dance planning is going really well, the students always enjoy the dance, and it’s nice to have it inside especially,” said ASB Advisor Laura Larson. “I am sure students prefer to have it inside as well!”

The ASB Senior Class officers have been working hard to ensure the event is memorable.

“Planing Blacklight has been so much fun! The other Senior Class Officers Brooke, Amna, and I are so excited for the chance to have a dance inside for the first time in two years,” said Senior Class Vice President Madison Johnson. “I think everyone will have a great time.”

Because it is a blacklight dance, students are encouraged to wear white or neon colors and accessories.

To get students energized for the dance, Burroughs is in the middle of a spirit week. Tuesday was Athlete vs. Mathlete, today is Surfer vs. Safari, Thursday is Soccer Mom vs. Football Dad, and Friday is Blacklight.

Dance tickets are on sale through Thursday, March 24. All high school grade levels are welcome to attend. The dance begins at 7:30 p.m.