Burroughs Wrestling Honors Seniors With Brilliant Competition

Tucker Anderson, Staff Writer

The CIF playoffs: the California high school equivalent of March Madness. It’s difficult enough to qualify for the playoffs; it’s even harder to compete against the teams in the tournament. In the case of CIF, a variety of institutions ranging from small, elite prep schools to huge, well-established public schools compete against one another for a chance to win a state title. There’s no time more exciting in the realm of California high school sports; for our athletes, CIF is when all the work you’ve put in over the season comes together. It’s a thrilling ride. For our wrestling and basketball teams, the 2021-2022 CIF tournament capped off an excellent winter campaign.
This year, the wrestling team managed to send multiple individuals up to the next level of CIF competition. In a record setting night for Burroughs wrestling, junior Evan Roy and sophomore Princess Monsalud both took first place in CIF Southern Section. This success, combined with their impressive season resumes, clinched them both the number one seed in the Masters tournament for their respective weight divisions, occurring next weekend. This is the first time in Burroughs history that any one Burroughs wrestler has been ranked number one in the prestigious Masters competition; and this year, not just one but two wrestlers have broken through that barrier. If either Roy or Monsalud place in the top eight in the tournament, they will have the opportunity to compete in Bakersfield for the state championship the following weekend.
Our boys basketball team also had the opportunity to compete in CIF. They secured their spot in the tournament with a 6-4 record, placing third in the Mojave River League. Jurupa Valley was the first opponent on the list for Burroughs. The Ridgecrest boys took it to the Jaguars, terminating in a respectable thirteen point victory over the Riverside natives, 60-47.
Next Burroughs faced the Artesia Pioneers from Lakewood, California. With a season record of 25-5 and a #4 ranking in California division 4AA, it was bound to be a tough matchup. Artesia took the lead throughout the majority of the game, but in the third quarter Burroughs caught a wind and outscored the Pioneers, eking out a one point lead going into the fourth. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to maintain the advantage, falling to the Pioneers 47-37 after some tough competition.
The girls basketball team also made the cut to compete in the CIF, finishing league play with a record of 8-2. The two teams stayed close for the entirety of the contest, and at the end of the fourth quarter the score was still tied, forcing a two-minute overtime period. In the end, Burroughs fell 45-43, but it was an exhilarating thirty-four minutes of play.
Overall, our winter sports set the tone for the rest of the school year and we congratulate our athletes on a brilliant season.