College Connection – Zara Dhar

The Blockbuster loves to hear from Burroughs grads to check on their life after high school. Here we catch up with 2021 graduate Zara Dhar, who is studying Neurobiology at University of California San Diego.


Addie Gerber

What is it like living away from your family?

It’s weird not seeing my mom and brothers every day, but we make sure to get in at least five minutes on the phone daily, usually 20-30 minutes. I have my car with me so I drive home every 2-3 weeks for the weekend, so I haven’t felt too homesick so far. I do miss my cats though!!! Especially since they hear me on the phone and then can’t find me because I’m not really there.

What is your favorite part of college?

I’ve always been a pretty busy person, but college is a whole new level of busy and I love it. In-depth classes on specialized topics, clubs with impact, professional development opportunities, and fun with friends fill up everyone’s schedules from morning to night. Being out and about till 2 AM is totally normal here and there are loads of people from a variety of backgrounds and interests while we create new memories, and the La Jolla oceanside setting definitely helps.

What is something you would recommend to bring to college?

iPads are nice and so are extension cords, but the resource at college that I definitely did not expect to need was a Facebook book. I will never understand why, but people almost exclusively use Facebook to organize everything from events to clubs to professional networking. So, if you don’t already have one, I suggest you make an account and familiarize yourself with how it works. If you’re lucky though, some organizations might use Discord, so make sure you know how that works too. Also, everyone says not to, but if you can, I recommend bringing your car. I use it all the time for everything and prospects for going out to increase exponentially.