Key Club opens doors to community service


Amna Chaudhry

Key Club members prepare for Club Day.

Back to school in-person is here, and the Key Club service organization is making the most of it.

“It’s truly a relief to be back in person, as we can serve our community more directly,” said Club President Megan Small, a senior. “Along with a new team, we plan to continue some of the projects we couldn’t accomplish last year while incorporating some of our new project ideas.”

This year the club is being advised by Science Teacher Melanie Branson and English Teacher Rosemary Gilbert.

“I love working with the leadership team and some of the members I have in the previous years, so it’s really fun to reconnect with those people as well as meeting new students,” said Gilbert. “During COVID, we didn’t have opportunities to serve the community, so I selfishly came back this school year for that opportunity.”

This year members have expanded their services to global issues by raising funds for Afghanistan refugees.

By selling over 100 boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts, members raised over $1,500 to donate directly towards the relief fund.

“Millions of people in Afghanistan are in need, and it’s empowering how we were able to make an impact without physically being there,” said junior Zoe Stanford.

Future service projects will include participating in soup kitchens, holding a toy drive for the local animal shelter, and conducting a book drive for local elementary schools.

Both locally and nationally, Key Club connects with a wide range of people, creating a warming community.

“We have already begun to positively impact the lives of others, and it’s exciting to see how our club continues to grow every day,” said Public Relations Officer Logan Allen, a senior.

To continue the positive impact students can have, Key Club members and leaders encourage students to join them at lunch on Tuesdays in Gilbert’s room, I-5. The next meeting is Sept. 28.

“If you’re looking to make a difference and touch a variety of people’s lives, Key Club is a great way to meet these goals!” said Secretary Olivia Haas, a junior.