College Connection – Rachel Rosal


Burroughs Graduate Rachel Rosal enjoys spending time at UCSD’s aquarium.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Page Editor

What is the best thing about your college or university? 

The best thing about UCSD is its location. There’s a wide variety of foods that you can try both on and off campus. You can even walk to the beach just to watch the sunset. Because the weather’s always nice, you can also study outside, since there’s campus-wide wifi.

UCSD also has a wide course offering for marine biology because of its location. Overall there’s a lot of places you can explore.

What has been the biggest adjustment?

The biggest adjustment I had to make would probably be the fact that I have to manage my own time. I have to be responsible for my own schedule, since there obviously isn’t anyone to tell me to get up and watch lectures. With everything being online, it’s also easier to procrastinate. There’s definitely a lot more that you need to study in college classes, especially since most of my professors don’t curve the exams. Being responsible for your grades also means that you need to be responsible for your time.

Any advice for students still in high school?

Don’t worry too much about the process of applying and getting into college. Just study hard, and enjoy life as it is right now. It’s only going to get harder from here, so take it easy.