CSF elects its new officers

ZJ Hoffmann, Photo Editor

About 100 students attended the first Burroughs California Scholarship Federation (CSF) meeting on Oct. 15.

During the meeting, CSF Advisor Dave Vigneault and the membership discussed fees, officer elections, and community service projects.
As part of being a member of CSF, community service is still required. However, during the pandemic, safety comes first.
“We are asking that students keep in mind all social distance protocols and not place themselves in environments with multiple people,” said Vigneault. “That said, we are telling students to find personal situations in which they may volunteer or assist others, such as assisting a neighbor who may need help cleaning their yard.”
Officer elections were held Oct. 22 to select from a field of fourteen applicants. Students elected included president Lettie Sepulveda, vice president Ben Washburn, secretary Lance St. Clair,  treasurer Mahnoor Ahmad, and public relations officer Zoe Stanford.
“Not being able to meet and gather is a big challenge, just as it is in most every other aspect of life during these conditions,” said Vigneault. The group will hold officer meetings and club meetings via Zoom.
“Unfortunately, we are all limited by quarantine, but maintaining social distancing and other sanitary procedures, I hope to keep the club involved with the community in a safe manner,” said Sepulveda.

During their meeting, CSF students learned that they will not have to pay club dues this year because of last year’s leftover money.