10/9 ASB Weekly Challenge

As students and staff brace themselves for the cold, they took a second to drink in the colors and feeling of autumn. There’s apple picking, cozy coats and not to mention fall foliage, which has long been heralded as one of Mother Nature’s true spectacles. And when it comes to photography, there’s nothing quite like the deep, raw reds and oranges of this season.

For the Oct. 9 Challenge, ASB asked students to submit photos that captured the essence of autumn. Students took snapshots of their decorated backyards, pumpkins, and other creative pictures that helped spark the cozy spirit of fall.  

Winner Natalie Bennet was one of these students and showcased her favorite fall landscape. The pictured included one of nature’s finest fall trees filled with vibrant leaves, along with a partly overcast which gave the photo the winning spot. 

The challenge was a great way to have fun and most importantly, school spirit. 

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming challenges through the official Burros Instagram account and more!