Review: “Mulan” delivers heartfelt action

Grace Lormand, Staff Reporter

Disney’s new live-action “Mulan” is much better than anticipated. With vibrant, colorful sets and wardrobes, large scenic views, and exciting camera work, it has surpassed expectations. 

Like many others, I was not too excited to see what I thought would be a watered-down version of the original Disney classic. However, the ideas, altered storyline, and overall message of the movie have made it well worth watching. 

This version of “Mulan” portrays the power of women in a patriarchal society. Disney refocused the plot from the original, and the result is inspiring. With Mulan fighting in battle and committing a selfless act to save her father, this feminist tale is beautiful. 

Besides the plot, the production elements bring the movie to life. The fight scenes were intricately planned, and several camera angle moments heighten the intensity. One that caught my eye specifically occurred as Mulan swings up onto a bamboo pole. The camera follows her through her flip, and the result is powerful. 

The costumes are amazing, capturing Mulan’s culture and the society of Imperial China. The costumes are bright and saturated, bringing beautiful contrast to the landscapes. The large architectural views give a realistic feel, and the CGI is excellent.

Overall “Mulan” is an exciting movie that inspires every girl to bring out her inner warrior. I would definitely recommend this movie for everyone. Whether you choose to purchase Premier Access on Disney+ or wait until December when the film will be available to everyone, “Mulan” is not a movie to miss.