Cope films virtual campus tour for new students


Contributed Photo

Juniors Jenna Cope and ZJ Hoffmann film the campus tour video with Hoffman’s drone.

Mahnoor Ahmad, Page Editor

When BHS junior Jenna Cope was brainstorming projects to complete her Girl Scout Gold Award, she envisioned a virtual tour of the high school for students who transferred to BHS mid-year. When COVID-19 struck and eliminated the annual on-campus Link Crew orientation, Cope found herself with a much larger audience for her virtual tour.

“I was pleased that the video helped the entire freshman class this year, and I was happy to hear many freshmen found it helpful!” said Cope, who included a helpful voiceover to assist students in learning the school’s layout.   

Cope worked with junior ZJ Hoffmann and his drone to film parts of the video, in hopes of getting some aerial footage around the school. She also used her car to record to give viewers the feel of walking around campus. It took a total of six days over a period of three months for Cope and Hoffmann to complete the project. 

“I have been flying the drone for three years, so I was happy to help when Jenna reached out to me,” said Hoffmann. 

Cope gave each of the counselors thumb drives with a copy of the tour to give out to new students who were unable to tour the campus, and it is posted on the school website.  

“Under our current health crisis and distance learning, it’s the best option we have,” said Counselor Dave Vigneault. “I like that it started where most students enter campus, and it does a very common walk-around known to students,” said Vigneault. “It departs in the same fashion, so you get to see the entire school with narration.” 

Link Crew Leaders mentioned the campus tour to their freshman groups and emailed them a link to the video. Senior Fatima Chavez, a Link Crew leader, noted that her group was appreciative of the virtual tour. She also viewed the video and found it very useful. 

“I think the video is awesome!” said Chavez. “I liked how it described each hall, and also when the drone showed what the school looks like from the top.” 

Cope has been in Girl Scouts for 11 years and has done other service projects to help out the Ridgecrest community, but this one will be invaluable for students for years to come. Jenna Cope’s Burroughs Tour