Burros rise to the virtual challenge

Contest Winner, Junior Rachel Huynh

Simrin Khara, Page Editor

Students are putting their spirit on display each week even though they cannot physically go to school.

The school’s student body is holding virtual weekly challenges in which students and staff members are encouraged to take photographs of themselves and submit them via email to [email protected] or to the ASB’s Instagram page @burroasb.

Each week’s challenge will generally be pointed at a specific group of students, such as artists or dancers, etc.,” said ASB President Celina Lavarrada, a senior. “In doing so, we were hoping for more creative and passionate entries, and to get more participation from every group of students on campus.  Our upcoming challenges include doing art challenges, physical challenges, dancing challenges, makeup challenges, and many more.” 

Last Friday, ASB posted results from its first virtual challenge, which asked students to post photos of their monochromatic outfits for the week’s virtual fashion show.

This week, students are urged to participate in “Your Pet’s Best Tricks” in which students are encouraged to take a video of themselves along with their pets doing their coolest tricks. Students should send the videos into the official ASB account @burrosasb before fifth period on Friday, Sept. 25.