Blood Drive coming soon to Burroughs


Emma Kimbler, Editor-In-Chief

Interested in donating to a noble cause? Burroughs is hosting a blood drive on April 24. According to the Houchin Blood Bank, students who are 16 years old or older and filled out the proper paperwork will have the opportunity to participate in the drive.

ASB Vice President Natalie Hoffman has been tasked with organizing the blood drive. She is thrilled with the response to the drive.

“There are definitely more people than we expected signing up for the blood drive,” Hoffman said. “Most people that are signing up have said that their motivation for donating blood is to show support for their family members or friends who are having medical troubles.”

With there being a nationwide blood shortage, it’s more important now than ever to donate blood. Senior Ailani Esparza has personal interest in donating her blood at this time.

“My sister is currently in the hospital and receiving a lot of blood that is keeping her alive,” Esparza said. “I don’t know where I’d be without these blood donors who are helping my sister. This is why I want to participate in the blood drive.”

For those with loved ones in need of blood donations, the drive is a great way to make an impact on our community and help save the lives of those in need.

ASB teacher Laura Larson has had the opportunity to help advertise and organize the upcoming event.

“The last time we had the blood drive was in 2019 and we have been unable to do it since due to Covid,” Larson said. “I am hoping the students and staff understand the importance of blood donation and how it can save people’s lives in our community.”

We hope to see students attending the Blood Drive next week!