The Pathways Intern Program visits Burroughs!

Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

Ever wonder what it is like to work on the base? Well, graduating seniors may have the opportunity to experience it firsthand! 

On Wed. April 5, members of the Pathways program ran an information session for students interested in applying. The speakers covered topics such as the application process, benefits of an internship on base, and the types of jobs that students will be participating in. 

The Pathways Intern Program is run through NAVAIR, and works with students to provide them with a paid internship on base while also pursuing a college education. The program aims to introduce interns to STEM related fields on base, with the possibility of full time employment after graduation. 

In order to qualify for a potential position within the program, applicants must be 18 years or older, be pursuing a college degree (Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s), and be a U.S. citizen.

The Wed. speakers emphasized the benefits that the Pathways Program provides that more traditional student jobs or internships may not. Some of these benefits include vacation days and sick leave, medical insurance opportunities, and high level security clearance. A high level security clearance can be especially helpful when applying for jobs outside of the government, as it shows that the applicant has passed thorough background checks with no red flags. Additionally, the Pathways Program provides interns with a flexible experience and work environment. The speakers explained that sectors participating in the program understand that interns are pursuing an education alongside the internship itself. Therefore, work schedules are created to accommodate any classes that the interns may be taking, ensuring that they can dedicate ample time to their studies. 

Applications are due on April 14.

The Pathways Intern Program can provide students with an opportunity to experience what a career on a naval base might look like. With a flexible work schedule and a variety of benefits, it could be the perfect fit for a busy student with an interest in STEM related fields. All interested seniors are encouraged to apply!