New Class: Dual Enrollment Anatomy

Christian Gilbert, Staff Reporter

A new dual enrollment Anatomy class taught by Science Teacher Sarah Achziger will offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn college and high school credit simultaneously.

The course is open to upperclassmen who have earned a “B” or better in any biology ckass. According to Achziger, the class is ideal for a wide range of students, including those looking to pursue an RN, LVN, or athletic trainer profession, or for non-science majors looking to fulfill college general-education requirements.

“The goal of this class is to cover the general anatomy and physiology of all eleven Human Body Systems that allow humans to be amazing and do amazing things,” said Achziger. “What I would like to accomplish with this class though is to fill a gap. We have an awesome variety of courses in the Science Department here at Burroughs, but this Dual Enrollment course can help to fill a gap between our super-high achievers and those students still deciding what route is best for them to fulfill their future career goals.”

Students choosing the course should be prepared to work.

“It is my job as a dual-enrollment teacher to help high school students achieve at a college level,” said Achziger. “That being said, I try to make my dual-enrollment classes as true to the college experience as possible while providing support and scaffolding to make success achievable while still living the busy life of a high school student.”