Twins: United by Birth


Hannah and Hank Lint as babies

Lynkim Phan, Staff Profile


Imagine having someone by your side from the very beginning. This person has been with you through thick and thin, through all the highs and lows of life. The two of you have a bond closer than most, and many describe it as having a built-in buddy.

For sophomores Hank and Hannah Lint, being a twin makes them feel more connected to one another than most ordinary brothers and sisters.

“Having someone the same age as you and seeing them every day is pretty fun,” said Hannah. “But, at the same time, it’s not fun.”

Similar to Hannah, Hank enjoys going to school with her.

“Sometimes Hannah gets annoyed with me for being around her too much,” said Hank.

Many people get surprised when they find out they’re twins since they’re not identical.

“They don’t even know we are siblings,” Hannah laughed. “It’s only after people look at our noses for a minute and then they know.”

While most twins find it difficult since they have to share everything with each other, Hannah and Hank think that sharing is one of the best things. 

“We don’t really share anything except for our birthdays I guess,” Hank said. “It’s fun sharing birthdays because we celebrate it together.” 

Despite the challenges of being a twin, Hannah and Hank appreciate each other.

“It’s the feeling of never being completely alone,” Hannah said. “There’s always someone on your side.”