Newspaper seeks talent for next year

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

Are you looking for an outlet to pour out your excess creativity? Are you a sports fan wanting to celebrate BHS teams? Maybe you are just looking to be more involved at school?

Whatever may be the case, Newswriting just might be the perfect place for you to spend your mornings next year at Burroughs.

As a member of Newswriting, you are offered countless opportunities that you will not find elsewhere. From the warm comfort of waffle mornings to the chaotic fun of newspaper delivery days, Newswriting is a welcoming place to be.

Newswriting members are taught to write articles for our school’s print and online media. Members can write stories discussing a current controversial event, promoting school happenings, reviewing the newest movies, and so much more!

The class also produces a weekly page that is published in the local Daily Independent. Additional opportunities to intern for the Daily Independent are also available.

If writing is not your strength, we also are looking for people interested in photography, podcasting or video production. We make sure that a photographer class is present to take pictures at sporting events, club projects, school rallies, etc.

Newswriting offers a variety of leadership positions to the interested and dedicated members of the class.

Typically, the class has two editor-in-chief positions. This position is filled by senior Newswriting members who are well-versed in the class and can teach new students how to properly write stories and lay out pages using the design software.

Leadership also includes production, photography, sports, and copy editors. Each of these positions allows the members to contribute significantly to the success of the publications and provide a meaningful service to the school community.

Whether you’re an incoming freshman or a soon-to-be-senior, we encourage you to join Newswriting. The class meets during first period — which isn’t as bad as it might sound.

For more information, visit Susan Burgess in Room C-10 or email her at [email protected].