Interact Club attends Rotary Scholarship Auction


Emma Kimbler

Senior Thomas Wonnacott, freshman Emaan Ahmad, and seniors Mikaella Juico, Elijah Rosal, Manuel Rodriguez, and Mackenzie Miller enjoy their dinner at the Rotary Scholarship Auction.

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

The Rotary Club of China Lakehosted its annual Scholarship Auction last Saturday and a group of Interact Club members had the opportunity to attend the event.

At the auction, members of the community gathered together, opened their hearts and wallets, and gave back to our community by raising around $30,000 to provide graduating seniors with scholarships.

Senior Interact Club member Mackenzie Miller was thrilled to help participate in the event.

“I was tasked with running a sheet of paper with each bidder number and the price each item sold for to the back of the room to ensure the bids were properly recorded,” Miller said. “I also helped other club members pass out the auction items won.”

As the live auction was taking place, members would hold the items up for bid and walk around the tables. This way, the audience could get a close look at the auction pieces they could win.

In addition to the vocal auction, a silent auction took place on the other side of the room. People could walk around the tables with the silent auction items and write down the amount of money they were willing to bid.

Newly-recruited club member Elijah Rosal said that the silent auction was his favorite part of the night.

“I liked getting to retrieve and give out the items for the silent auction winners,” said Rosal. “Participating in this Interact Club event allowed me to hang out with my friends while still doing community service, which I find enjoyable.”

The Rotary Scholarship Auction helped bring together the club members while also allowing the students to serve their community in a fun way.

Interact Club advisor Judy Dwyer is proud to see her students working with Rotary to help provide students with scholarships.

“I think it’s great that the students get to see the faces behind the scholarship money,” Dwyer said.

Interact Club is always welcoming new members to join them in service opportunities.

For more information about the club, check them out on Tuesdays at lunch in room M-41.