Economics teacher Eric Lawrence offers guitar lessons to Burroughs students



Economics teacher and guitarist Eric Lawrence is happy to share his passion for music.

Julia Hechanova, Staff Reporter

Interested in playing the guitar? One of our very own Burroughs teachers, who also happens to be a musician on the low, is offering guitar lessons to all interested students during lunch on Wednesdays in his D Hall classroom.

“Students of all levels come by, but with my 20 years of experience playing guitar, I am confident I have something to offer all students,” said Lawrence.

Around town, Lawrence plays in multiple bands covering different genres. Lawrence plays in a heavy metal band called The Rage Below, a punk rock band called Less Than Perfect, and a rock-n-roll cover band called Renegade Row.

Lawrence’s musical talent has caught the attention of students across the Burroughs campus.

Sophomore Hannah Lint was thrilled to hear that Lawrence was going to offer guitar lessons, as she is a guitarist herself.

“After learning that we have a local musician here at school offering help to anyone, I will definitely be reaching out as a guitarist myself,” said the sophomore.

Outside of campus, students can find Lawrence performing almost every weekend, whether in town or elsewhere.

“Many of my students have seen me perform with my various bands,” said Lawrence, who also played last year at the school’s Yearbook Extravaganza. “This is most likely what sparked student interest in wanting guitar lessons from me.”

Lawrence has had the opportunity to perform in Lancaster, Los Angeles, and even Hollywood.

Whether you are an aspiring musician or simply interested in learning a short tune on the guitar, help is available. Meet with Mr. Lawrence at lunch on Wednesdays to learn more.