Burroughs expands its curriculum with new courses!

Emaan Ahmad, Staff Reporter

As students fill out their course selection sheets this year, they are likely seeing more more choices in several departments.

While dependent on SSUSD Board approval and sufficient enrollment, the new courses aim to broaden the music, STEM, and CTE departments, giving students the chance to expand their interests and develop their skills.

The planned courses include Financial Algebra I, Dual Enrollment Anatomy, Metal 4, Film Production, Introduction to Musical Theatre, Wind Ensemble, and Film Production.

Principal Carrie Cope is pleased that Burroughs is going to be offering new courses next year, including electives.

“I think it’s great that we are expanding our music and CTE programs,” said Cope. “We need a variety of electives, and adding these courses will help students have more course options.”

The new course offerings also help expand the STEM pathways, enabling more students to achieve their science and math goals.

The process of adding new courses is a lengthy task that starts with the interested teacher or department chair, who meets with an administrator to discuss the possibility of adding a new course. Then BHS staff works with the Curriculum and Instruction Department to identify costs and materials associated with the new class. Next, the Curriculum and Instruction Department takes the course to the school board to gain their approval, which allows the class to be placed on the course selection sheets.

Despite the arduous process that comes with adding new classes, Burroughs was able to get all of these courses approved for enrollment, offering greater variety and options for students.