Key Club makes dog toys for animal shelter


Emma Kimbler

Juniors Sarina Khara and Priscilla Carrillo making dog toys out of old t-shirts for a Key Club service project.

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

Key Club has shown their love for pets by donating over thirty dog toys to our local animal shelter. 

Key Club president Amanda Ngo organized the service project and was excited to see the crowd of members who came to support. Having done this project in the past, Ngo knew how much the shelter needs and appreciates the donations.

“We’ve made dog toys for the animal shelter over Covid and it was incredibly successful!” said Ngo. “We found that it was a good way to reuse and upcycle old and donated t-shirts–plus, who doesn’t like animals?”

Club members collected old t-shirts a few weeks before the club meeting. Then, at the meeting, members cut the t-shirts into long strips. The strips were knotted and braided together, changing unwanted t-shirts into new dog toys!

Senior Elijah Rosal helped contribute to the project and even learned a new skill in the process.

“I had to learn how to braid to be able to help out with this project,” Rosal said. “It was cool to be able to learn this new skill while also helping out our local animal shelter.”

After a hard-working lunch period, the club had made over thirty dog toys out of the t-shirts, which Ngo collected to deliver to the shelter. Advisor Melanie Branson was especially pleased with the club’s dedication and work.

Ngo was able to deliver the dog toys to the animal shelter last Monday. When she showed the animal shelter representative the toys the club had made, she was thrilled.

“These toys will not only be great for the dogs here at the shelter, but the cats will love them too!” the animal shelter representative exclaimed. 

Year-round, our local animal shelter welcomes donations from the community. Key Club also welcomes students throughout the semester into their club. Join us every other Tuesday in K-1 for our general meetings for service opportunities!