Carson Palomino crowned king at KOH dance


The KOH Court applauds as ASB’s Sophomore Class President Ryan Morrison and Sophomore Class Secretary/Treasurer crown senior Carson Palomino.

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

This year’s Golden Gala-themed King of Hearts dance was a huge success, especially for senior Carson Palomino. Palomino was voted and crowned as this year’s King of Hearts King during the Saturday night dance.

Palomino joined seniors Steven Olmos and Nathaniel Farrell to form this year’s Top Three. Other members of the court included Kyle Curtis, Danny Griffith, Tyler Mather, AJ McLaughlin, Travis Schultz, Devon Segovia and Braeden Venhaus.

Voting for king took place at the dance, with attendees casting their votes in the trio’s customized ballot boxes.

“The weekend before the dance, I was hanging out with my friend Kai who had made an edit of me with Serena Williams,” Palomino said. “We thought it was hilarious so we decided that it would be a great idea to make a box that highlighted my daily life with a bunch of celebrities.”
Palomino’s box was creative and caught the attention of many students attending the dance. 

When it came time for the crowning of the KOH king, Palomino waited anxiously in front of hundreds of students. As his name was announced, Palomino was in utter shock. 

“I honestly didn’t believe it,” Palomino said. “I totally thought that Steven or Nathaniel would win, but it was a very nice surprise to hear my name being announced!”

Though he was not expecting to be crowned as KOH king, many spectators were confident that Palomino would take the win. Palomino’s fun personality and great attitude going into the dance were recognized by many.

Even after the dance, Palomino has been showered with positivity.

“The feedback I’ve gotten from winning has been extremely nice,” Palomino said. “I thought that nobody would really care after the dance, but the number of people coming up to me yesterday was kind of crazy to me.”

Congratulations, Carson Palomino, on taking home this year’s crown!