Burroughs Robotics Lookahead


Sarah Quick

Freshmen Ian Patin, Patricks Boggs, Jon Baronowski, and Tyler Torres work on their robot for upcoming Valentine’s competition.

Jonah Gilbert, Sports Editor

After an intense league finals on December 10, the Burroughs Robotics teams have been hard at work preparing for their upcoming competitions.

The winning 7422H team is on the road to their state matches on Saturday, March 4 at Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo, and 7422B is preparing for a Valentine’s Day “Last Chance” tournament.

With the extended period of time between their past and upcoming competitions, both teams have taken up creating a new robot.

7422B has switched to a more maneuverable X-drive base, allowing for sideways driving.

According to Rowen Nelson, this robot was supposed to be a learning experience for the team of all freshmen, as well as an opportunity to increase the efficiency of their old robot’s systems.

While still working on their turret robot, which has yet to see competition, team 7422H has taken this time to “delegate and improve systems using their backup robot which will later be copied over to the turret bot,” said junior Logan Elwell.

The goal is to have this robot up and running by state, which means fully autonomous aiming and shooting code, taking pressure off the driver Keiron Rank.

As much of the code is already done, it is up to the builders to turn this dream into a reality that will destroy the competition.

With long days and nights ahead of them, both teams have hope in their future to make Ridgecrest and our Burroughs proud, keeping up the high standards set by last year’s competitors at Worlds.