Ridgecrest introduces new food-waste ordinance

Nevaeh Hall

The city of Ridgecrest is getting an Organic Waste program. What does that mean? The newly passed California Senate Bill 1383 is a statewide effort to reduce emissions of short-lived climate pollutants by reducing organic waste disposal. This new food waste collection services Ridgecrest homes weekly and services regular trash on a new bi-weekly basis.

The new mandatory food waste collection service provides a new gateway to keeping our planet clean. According to a representative from Waste Management, the newly passed bill is intended to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and slow the progression of climate change by reducing the amount of food waste entering landfills.

Items that qualify for food waste are varieties of cheese and dairy products, fruits and vegetables, breads, pastas, grains, coffee and tea grounds, meat, fish and poultry and food soiled paper.

Students and teachers here at Burroughs voiced positivity about the change.

“I think the food waste ordinance is a good way to segregate true trash from compostable trash” said Science Teacher Jessica Wilson.

Jamie Haas agrees.

“It’s a good way to not waste as much,” said Haas. “It helps Ridgecrest and our environment too.”

Some people have expressed confusion about the new service schedule. Information can be found at the Waste Management website.