Fall in love again at Burrough’s book fair this year!

Addie Gerber, Staff Reporter

Are you ready to fall in love? Well, your chance is just right around the corner! Fall in love with a good book at Burroughs book fair this season!

Burroughs is bringing back its annual book fair after being gone for four years.

“The last book fair was the fall of 2019, which was pre-Covid,” said Librarian Janna Pearce.

With the theme being falling in love with reading, students are excited to see a book fair once again.

“I’m really excited about it! I haven’t been able to see a book fair since elementary school, and it’ll be nice to be surrounded by all sorts of new books!” said junior Loralie McArtor.

Not only will there be lots of books, but the book fair will also include games, raffles, and other activities. The book fair will be an event every student can enjoy, not just book lovers.

The students are not the only ones feeling the love the book fair offers, but so is the Women’s Shelter. The BHS book fair will be raising money to donate to the Women’s Shelter this year.

“[Our donation] changes each year between the Women’s Shelter and Toys for Tots,” said Pearce. “This year, the money will be going towards the Women’s Shelter.”

The book fair will be open to students before and after school and during lunch. Some teachers might even bring their class with them.

Come spread the love this year at the book fair on Feb. 13-17.