Devon Segovia

What is your dream car? 

Cadillac Coupe De Ville because it’s smooth

What is something from senior year you will never forget?

Cooking class. Nick, Logan, and I go crazy.

If you could go to dinner anywhere before the gala, where would you go? 

*Check sheet, I couldn’t read the name of the restaurant*

Who is your role model or someone you look up to?

Denzel Washington. If you’ve seen American Gangster you know why.

If you had all the gold in the world, what would you buy?

A big ol’ crib for my mama.

What’s your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is true boredom. If there is nothing going on, I might go crazy.

What celebrity would you want to invite to a gala? 

I would invite 21 Savage for sure. He would probably hook it up with some clothes.

What are your favorite hobbies to do outside of school? 

I like to go on hikes and explore the mountains.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I HATE to hear complaining. It is so annoying.

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