Steven Olmos

What is your dream car?

64 Impala Sky Blue. This is because of Eazy-E.

What is something from senior year you will never forget?

I will never forget doing B-Mountain and splashing paint on literally everyone I saw.

If you could go to dinner anywhere before the gala, where would you go? 

If I could go to dinner anywhere, I would probably go to Red Lobster.

Who is your role model or someone you look up to?

Someone I look up to is my father because he makes me realize what I can be in the future.

If you had all the gold in the world, what would you buy? 

I would buy stock and invest.

What’s your greatest fear?

I fear snakes. This is because I’ve been bitten by one.

What celebrity would you want to invite to a gala? 

A celebrity I would invite to a gala is Snoop Dogg. This is because he’s a real G.

What is one app you can’t live without?

One app I can’t live without is Snapchat. This is because I don’t call anyone or talk to anyone on any other app.

What are your favorite hobbies to do outside of school? 

My favorite hobbies outside of school are to lift weights and eat a lot.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is scratching on a chalk board.

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