“Wednesday:” the Addams Family of the 21st century

Wednesday: the Addams Family of the 21st century

Emma Kimbler, Editor-in-Chief

Everyone knows Tim Burton’s show The Addams Family, but no one expected Burton to release a show starring the goth and ghastly daughter: Wednesday Addams. Currently the #4 trending show on Netflix, Wednesday has captured the attention of both younger and older audiences who appreciate the nostalgia of the Addams family. 

At the beginning of the show, protagonist Wednesday Addams is taken to Nevermore Academy after torturing students from her previous “normal” high school. Upset with her parents, Gomez and Morticia, Wednesday is determined to be sent back home. However, things take a turn when her classmate, Rowan, is killed in the forest. 

After witnessing the death of her peer, Wednesday is on edge about the monster that roams around Nevermore–but things get even more strange. Rowan shows up at the school again, seemingly unharmed. Confused, Wednesday decides that she is going to figure out who is behind the mysterious death. This is just the beginning of Wednesday’s quest to bring justice to Rowan’s name and protect Nevermore.

Wednesday often features characters from the original The Addams Family, including the family’s beloved walking hand, Thing. Wanting to keep an eye on Wednesday, Morticia and Gomez leave Thing with Wednesday at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday discovers her family’s plans and forces Thing to work with her on the murder mysteries that keep occurring in the community. Thing becomes Wednesday’s faithful partner in crime and helps her discover dark secrets about those she is in contact with at school and in the community.

As in many popular films, a love triangle leaves Wednesday confused about her feelings. She discovers that one of her peers, Xavier, has been watching and admiring her from afar. On the other hand, Tyler, a barista at the town’s local cafe, has caught Wednesday’s eye. The two love competitors, Tyler and Xavier, have a rough past together which causes hard feelings between the boys and their attempts to steal Wednesday’s love and attention.

Wednesday is a witty and clever show that The Addams Family fans are sure to love. Even if you’ve never watched The Addams Family, Wednesday captures a perfect blend of humor, romance, and mystery within the eight episodes of the first season. Stay tuned for the next season of Wednesday: it will surely be full of surprises!