Cast announced for “Cinderella”

After an extensive round of auditions, the Burroughs Performing Arts department has announced the cast for its spring musical,  Rodgers and Hammerstein’s “Cinderella.”

“The turnout was fabulous,” said Drama Teacher Eileen Poole. “It’s important to note that students had to commit to three days of auditions, three days–singing, acting, dancing–and they were all there Monday through Wednesday. What made me the happiest was hearing how many students discovered talents they didn’t realize they have.”

Music Teacher Amber Petersen agreed.

“It has been a joy experiencing the excitement and energy, as well as the level of commitment and talent that our students have demonstrated,” she said.

Excitement surrounding the planned musical has been high. This is the first Burroughs musical since 2018’s fall production of “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.” The Parker Performing Arts Center was damaged during the 2019 earthquakes, and COVID-19 shut down opportunities for in-person productions.

Second-year Drama Teacher Poole believes this is the right time and script to bring musical theater back to the PPAC.

“I wanted to do a musical, and once I saw how well the fall and spring plays turned out, I knew it was time to let the kids sing and dance,” said Poole. “I contacted Amber [Peterson] and Brian [Cosner] last spring, and we met one afternoon at a coffee place. The two music experts said “Cinderella” is a good starting point, so “Cinderella” it is!”

Playing the part of Cinderella will be Kayla Walter, while her Prince will  be Alexander Vargas. Other performers include Kevin Wagner as the King, Rebekah Dickey as the Queen, Julia Rindt as the Stepmother, Natalie Bravo and Genevieve Welsh as Cinderella’s stepsisters Portia and Joy, and Citlali Tellez as her godmother.

Supporting cast will include Julius Wojciehowski, Nathan Quick, Yleana Mower, Jackson Berriman, Salem Edwards, Irma Kasandra Lopez, Paige Ratliff, and Briona Stewart.

Ready to step in as understudies will be Emilia Tippetts, Nathan Quick, Kiana Arechiga, Yleana Mower, Murolo Patchin, Mia McIntyre, Brooklyn Gilson and Tabitha Goodman.

Guests at the ball, townspeople, and children will include Jordan Slager, Lorelei Hunter, Nathan Quick, Emilia Tippetts, Murolo Patchin, Yleana Mower, Kiana Arechiga, Danielle Vander Werf, Whitney Wonnacott, Haley McDaniel, Olive Patterson, Kaydence Stewart, Brooklyn Gilson, Tabitha Goodman, Paige Ratliff, Mia McIntyre, Timothy Brannon, Loralie McArtor, Lindsay Mower, Emily Workman, JD Danielson, Kimberly Dye, Ashley Harrington, Isabelle Harrison, Kadence Harrison, Breanna Machuca, and Pauline Seulet.

Performances are scheduled for March 10-11 and 17-18.