Thanksgiving has arrived with FCA’s handmade turkeys!


Sophia Pendergast

Sophomores Anna Hesse, Kyndra Shermer, and Adin Schandl compete to make the best turkey.

Sophia Pendergast, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving celebrations are underway! At the FCA’s Nov. 9 meeting, members had their hands full competing to design the best turkey. 

Members were separated into pairs or groups of three, then given full creative license to build their turkey. A wide range of supplies were available including colored construction paper, colored popsicle sticks, markers, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Most groups chose to trace their hand as an outline for the beloved bird. They were only given ten minutes to build their creation. 

“This was our last meeting until after Thanksgiving break,” said sophomore FCA leader Colin Pendergast. “We wanted a festive activity.” 

Throughout the frenzied creation process, many different turkey styles were observed. Some chose the more traditional route, sticking to a palate of autumnal colors, while others chose a more unique theme, such as surfing. Various materials were also used to create the feathers, ranging from popsicle sticks to pipe cleaners. 

When time was up, group members proudly displayed their birds for judging. Although all unique in their own way, only one could be the victor. Each turkey was then displayed on the classroom wall for all to see. 

Though the holiday activity was enjoyed by most FCA members, some felt they deserved first place. 

“I had a fun time,” said sophomore FCA member Patrick Pillers. “Our turkey was definitely the best.” 

If you are in the mood for some Thanksgiving spirit, or simply want to see some unique perspectives on the traditional bird, stop by M-42 to see these wonderful turkeys!